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“A remarkable documentary… It somehow managed to be alternately alarming, touching, and inspiring all in the space of 82 minutes! HIGHLY recommended!! To the filmmakers themselves, let me simply say: Outstanding!” – Edward Waters

“PLAY AGAIN was very well-received by the audience at the Minnesota Zoo. Thanks for producing such a moving, thought-provoking and motivating film.” – Lars Erdahl, Minnesota Zoo

“I loved every minute of your film! We have so much work ahead of us, and our success depends on all of us being able to collaborate with a shared sense of mission and value.” – Michael Mitrani, Earth Island Institute

“Watching your film was a pretty emotional experience for me. As an outdoor educator I’ve tried for years to explain why my work is so important. I’ve been waiting for a long time for a film that got to the root of these issues.  A heartfelt thank you.”  – Zak Klein, Bay Area Wilderness Training

“The film Play Again planted its seed in our lives in the beginning of 2011, at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles. My kids and I saw this film and it has left a lasting impression on us in many respects and ignited the interest to make sure that we ALL increase our time outdoors and not take these times of outdoor exploration and recreation for granted. Since seeing the film we have told our family, friends, schools and community about the message and goals that Play Again discussed. …we have become advocates for this movement and healing way of living. I was able to get the film shown at my daughter’s elementary school -last May at our PTA meeting – the parents and students loved it! This school year I am going to see if we can arrange a screening for the whole school to see the film – not to mention, if the force be with me – propose that the school district purchase the film to show district wide! Stay tuned!– Yolanda T. Davis-Overstreet

“Just watched this – awesome!  Thank you.  Sitting the family down to a screening this weekend – Looking forward to sharing their thoughts. I found myself really moved by the responses of the camping crew – I was lucky enough to have an outdoor childhood which I’m passing on to my children but there are so so many children missing out. We don’t have the right to remove this from them. If you’re a teacher – like me – show this to your staff and get stuff moving!-Kate Ringrose

“We saw the movie a week ago. Tonight my 8-year old said, “It’s just like they said in that movie: you can watch TV which tells you you’re the most important thing, or you can go outside where you see that you’re really tiny.” This quote really struck him, and he doesn’t usually listen carefully to all that much. 🙂– Katie Bruell Watson